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Music Reviews

Review of Croatone EP 

Croatone is a three piece post hardcore instrumental band based in Lansing, MI and features Edward Emmerich on guitar, Josh Fosburg on bass, and Nick Deason on drums. Once in a while you hear a band and you try to figure out how the stars lined up to get an incredible group of musicians together in one place. Much like musicians in Led Zeppelin, The Who, and Rush – Croatone fits the same bill – how the HELL did these three guys find each other?  This band features three musicians who are all virtuosos in… Read more

Review of "Golgotha" by Human Behavior 

Human Behavior is the brainchild of Andres Parada, a native of Tucson, AZ. The solo project of Parada quickly became a sort of dark folk-orchestra, with banjo, accordion, violin, multiple drummers, upright bass, and a four piece female choir. Their latest release “Golgotha” was released on Folktale Records in September 2013.


“Golgotha” is a real gem of a release, with its unique blend of folk rock, quirky lyrics, fantastic vocal interplay between Andres Parada and a female choir.  It’s really tough to… Read more

Review of new single "Natural and Nice" by Junior Turner 

British artist Junior Turner just released a new single “Natural and Nice” on iTunes, Amazon, and on July 26, 2013. This new single culminates a busy few years for Turner. In 2010 he entered a competition to release a national single for BBC Children in Need. He went on to win the competition out of 110,000 applicants to release a single for "BBC Children in Need". In Oct 2010 he shot to national fame when he recorded and released a cover version of the world famous "The Impossible Dream."

Read more

Review of “Prizefighter” by Connor O’Brien 

Connor O’Brien is a man with immeasurable talents: he has been playing violin since the age of five, he studied opera at the Eastman School of Music in New York, and has performed as a lead in many musicals in his career.

O’Brien’s impressive talents are evident on his album “Prizefighter.” He wrote or co-wrote the songs, produced the album, recorded, mixed and engineered the tracks. His voice has a lot of versatility. He can sing nice pop driven masterpieces like “Bobby and Me” or kick out unbridled… Read more

Review of new single and video "Sapphire" by Morrow's Memory 

 Morrow’s Memory is an alternative rock band that formed in Detroit, MI in 2009. Their debut album, "Moving Forward" was released in July of 2011. Their debut album has since received significant airplay, reviews, magazine features, and other press worldwide. The band features Tony Fitchett on lead vocals, Joe Wolford on lead guitar, Scott Sarnia on bass, Mike Fritz on keyboards, and Zach Novak on drums.

Their new single and accompanying video, “Sapphire” were released in March 2013.

Half of the… Read more

Review of "Imagination to the Nation" by John Keenan 

John Keenan is vocalist/rapper based in Kansas, not known for the hot bed of a rap scene, which must have its own challenges to overcome. His sophmore album, “Imagination to the Nation” comes out on August 20, 2013. Keenan has overcome many obstacles to get to this point in his life: mainly his addiction to drugs and alcohol, (but he has been sober for the last five years) which is not necessarily a new story in the music business, but it is always important to recognize an individual's determination to… Read more

Review of "Mechanics and Energetics of Stilt-Running” by End And 

 End And is a self described punk band from Brooklyn, NY. This is the second time I have reviewed a release from End And. In 2012, I reviewed their two set EP called “Adventures in Hi-Fi Space” and “Adventures in Lo-Fi Space.” I felt the “Hi-Fi” EP showcased the band really well, but the “Lo-Fi” sounded like a demo or B-sides that a band would release later in their career for fans only. On their new full length album release “Mechanics and Energetics of Stilt-Running” released on April 30, 2013, the band… Read more

Review of "Counter Clockwise" by Ivan Mihaljevic & Side Effects 

Review of "Counter Clockwise" by Ivan Mihaljevic & Side Effects by Eldon McGraw of Feedbacky Fury.
May 25, 2013

Ivan Mihaljevic and Side Effects is a three piece rock band from Zagreb, Croatia. Their latest release “Counter Clockwise”, released in December, 2012, is an explosive rock album showcasing the virtuosity of each member of the band along with the top notch vocals of Ivan.

“Counter Clockwise” is a concept album touching on subjects like despondency, people who disappoint you,… Read more

Review of Stanford Hazy 

Stanford Hazy is an alternative rock band based in Helinski Finland. Their sound could be described as a mix of Classic Rock sound with a modern twist. They have seven songs available on the web on Soundcloud and Spotify.

They really shine when they stick to the straightforward hard rock approach to their music. At times, Stanford Hazy will insert some rap segments into their hard rock music much like Linkin Park, but I prefer it when they stick to the hard rocking attack of guitar, bass, and… Read more

GiGalator iPad app review 

GiGalator is a new free app for the iPad with an optional upgrade for $1.99 ( The free app allows you to create a stage layout for one stage and the optional upgrade allows you to create stage layouts up to 10,000 stages! This app allows the user to use a sample venue stage floor and add the needs you have to play your gig. You can add graphics to the stage layout that show your needs like instruments, monitors, guitar amps, mic placements, power… Read more